Who We Are?


We, the disabled persons of Pakistan face many barriers and hurdles in our life. These barriers start right from our own home where our own life is in control of our parents, they decide all the basic chores of our life. When we want education the society becomes the barrier and tries to judge our potential and capability from our physical conditions and stamp us with discrimination that we don’t have Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Legs or Mental condition to study. In practical life we face the same scenario and are welcomed by barriers in the form of Stairs, Braille block less street and no transportation in Bus and Railways. MID is initiated by the disabled persons to achieve the deserving status in the society. The disabled persons of Pakistan are Bestowed by Allah Almighty with every talent and skill necessary to live a successful life but still most of them are unable to avail these opportunities specially the severe disabled are facing the worst scenario. The need of the hour was to provide the disabled persons with the platform from which they can initiate a movement to earn their status equal to all the non disabled counter-parts and thus Movement of Independence for Disabled (MID) was initiated.

The purpose is not only to provide disabled persons with the necessary equipments like Wheelchairs and White Canes etc but to also provide them with necessary training to not only move with these equipments freely but also helping them to cope with the hurdles that they face psychologically by the society and to raise voice by themselves to aware the society with the problems and to highlight concerned hurdles in the society to make themselves Independent and useful citizens of the country.