Second Excursion Trip To Murree in Collaboration With TDCP

Everyone likes to take some time out from the frustrated and fast paced life to have a break to refill the energy and what other source can provide all the energy and freshness one needs then the Natural scenic beauty. It is the closest one can get to the nature and feel and see what nature has to offer. Pakistan the land with Five seasons, Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring and the season of Love the Monsoon. Pakistan is blessed in the way that one can see all these seasons any time of the year they want. The blistering Heat of Sand Dunes in Thurr and Cholistan, the Naked and full of Minerals Mountain Ranges of Balochistan, Clear Water and Sandy Beaches from one of the longest Shore line ranging from Sindh to the Border of Iran, The highest Mountain Ranges in the world Himalayas, Karakarum and Hindukash, Worlds biggest Glaciers Siachin and Baltoro Guarded by the Mighty Godwin Austin also called as K2, the killer mountain Nanga Parbat (Naked Mountain), Culture of Kailash Valley, the longest and Deepest of Valleys, Clear Streams, Rivers, Heritage Sites, Forts, Extraordinary Food and Most of all the Humble and Loving People. Tourism is among the neglected sectors of Pakistan although mentioning the beauty Pakistan has, it alone can help uphold the Economy of Pakistan.

Disabled persons are often thought to be not skilled enough to visit all these places and remain sheepishly hidden in their own homes often by the hurdles created by society both socially and Psychologically. MID as always promote the inclusion of disabled persons in all activities and ensure the full participation of severe disabled in every endeavor.

The second tour consisted of eight persons. the tour started on 19th of September and ended on 22nd of September, 2013. the participents visited Mall Road, Patriata chair lift & Cable Car, Safari Train, Ayubia and Nathiagali.

The trip was very joyful for the disabled persons and they requested the TDCP to keep the good work going.


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