Meeting of Governor Punjab Mr. Latif Khosa with MID Team

Pakistan has more than 40% population below poverty line and the disabled persons are living in even worse conditions. The basic cause of this is illiteracy and lack of job opportunities. We have a goal to provide disabled community with opportunities to earn with dignity and not become beggars.
Keeping this perspective we intend to provide them with education which is up to the mark thus promoting competitor environment. We do not believe in exclusion and special policies for us. All we want is equal opportunity same as provided to Non-disabled counterparts.
We are being used in every way to show our disability and make profits for others what we want is to let us speak for our own rights and have a voice of our own in every aspect of life from private, government sectors and political level.
Accessibility is our issue and access to everything is our basic right but we don’t want what others think we need, we need to be included in policy making level and have proper representation in Provincial and National Assemblies, thus we can raise our voice at the highest level and fight for our deserving rights.
Independence in our own life is our Right both religiously and constitutionally, it should be given to us. We don’t want others to work for us we want them to work with us on the motive

“Nothing for us, Without Us”

Agenda Discussed and Endorsed

  • Notifying to all the universities, Schools, colleges in Punjab to include disabled persons and providing free of cost education, accommodation and transport to disabled students.
  • All the VCs must include and mention this policy of provision of free education, accommodation and transport to disabled persons in there all prospectuses.
  • Providing us a platform at Management level where we can give suggestions about our betterment and our suggestions should be respected.
  • We should be provided access equally, to Justice, Law, Education, Livelihood, Political Scene, Media and every other area.
  • Accessible transport and Building should be encouraged.
  • Our dignity and respect should be restored.
  •   Independence in our life must be ensured.
  • We should have representation at Provincial and National Assembly must be ensured by allocating seats in both houses same as minorities and women.
  • Free medication should be ensured.
  • Equal opportunities in all spheres of life.
  • Promoting our skills will discourage begging.



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