Report of Relief Activities for Flood Victims

As You know Pakistan was hit by the worst flood ever affecting more then 15 million people, leaving thousands homeless. The disaster is so massive that every one will have to step forward to help those in need. 
MID also took initiative to help our fellow Pakistanis and started to collect items for the relief of flood victims. In these items were Food like Rice, Sugar, Floor, Tea, Milk, Oil, Pulses etc, Warm clothes Stitched, Blankets, Mates, Tents and Medicines.

MID team collected all these items and packed them in to packages for each family consisting of 5 people. The food was for 5 days. All the packages were packed by the MID team. We worked day and night to pack these items so that packages could be delivered as soon as possible. 

On 20th of August MID team went to Nowshehra to distribute to the flood victims. The situation was much worst then it seems in media. We went in different camps and also met those people who are still under open. It was observed that the people who come to distribute and help focus those camps who are on the road side and those who are away from main road are neglected . They told the team that the organizers are also biased and they provide shelter and food according to there will and only those items reach them which are directly given to them.  The camp Was 10 KM from the main road and people were living on biscuits and water and had not eaten proper food for days.The Team distributed items to 54 Families in Nowshehra Kallan.

The second day the team went to Zarena Abad and the seen was the same as earlier the people were not satisfied from the organizers and said that not enough food is being provided and many are left with no food and shelter. The team distributed packages for 117 Families and 630 individuals for 5 days. 
The kids were very happy as they were given Biscuits, Toffees and Dates. 

MID is looking forward to collect more items and will visit the flood affected areas again on 5th September.

In this time of need we shall help as much as we can come let us stand united to help our brothers and sisters and tell this disaster that our moral is much more powerful and our brotherhood is more stronger than this flood and raging Water.

May Allah bless us All.

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