International White Cane Safety Day

Movement for Independence of Disabled intended to organize a program on International White Cane Safety Day on 18th of October, 2011 at Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium, Faislababad. The purpose was to provide General Public, People from Government Sector and Corporate Sector with an opportunity to better understand the problems related with Blindness. To show the talents bestowed to Blind people by Allah Almighty and to raise awareness and answers to resolve issues related to blindness.
The program as graced by people from all spheres of life. The designated guests from Punjab Assembly, DO Special Education Faisalabad, Rotary Club Faislabad, Faisalabad Arts Council, Lahore Bar, Special Institutions, General Public and many disabled persons honored the occasion with their presence.
The General Secretory of MID Mrs. Sadia Atif anchored the occasion.  The program started with the name of Allah Almighty by recitation from the Holy Quran. This was followed by Naat for Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The Welcome note was delivered by Atif Raza from MID. He welcomed the honorable guest on behalf of the whole MID team. He emphasized on the need to conduct such programs on a regular basis and added by sharing the main theme behind this program. He stated that MID has not only come to Faisalabad to celeberate White Cane Safety Day but to also give introduction about the Independent Living Philosophy.  
A student from Government special Education School explained the history of the White Cane and the International White Cane Safety Day.
After that the Blind Students performed a Drama highlighting the problems the blind people have to face in life. The plot of the drama was about a orphan Blind person who has a blind sister and a non- disabled brother. He being the elder brother has to meet with all expenses of House and studies of his brother and sister. He tries to find a job on merit from a Government Institution and is rejected due to his blindness. A guy steels his money and mobile on the way. He so demoralized meets an accident and Is seriously injured and doctors ask for money for treatment and then MID comes for his rescue and helps him in this difficult time. He then not only completes his education but also becomes the head of the same government department from where he was rejected. The drama was very well performed and the audience loved it.
Then Chief Guest of the ceremony Member Punjab Assembly Honourable Mr. Khawaja Islam came to stage and appretiated the efforts of MID and also announced to establish a hostpital for disabled persons with the help of MID. He was very much impressed by the performance by the blind persons in the drama. He appreciated the efforts of MID for promoting disabled persons and mainstreaming them. He was presented with a shield as token of love from MID.
Mrs Sadia Atif informed the audience about the MID and the core projects and future projects of MID. She also highlighted the facilities that are provided by MID to the disabled persons and especially Blind persons. She emphasized on the point that the government sector should include disabled persons in policy making level so that an objective of barrier free society can be achieved.

After that Mr. Adnan sung a song to refresh the audience, Mr. Shahid was playing Tabla.

Then a performance from Special Education School Madina Town was presented the audience really liked the talent in Blind persons.

After that DO Special Education Faisalabad came to stage. He firstly appreciated the MID team and all the participants who performed there skills on the stage. He encouraged the efforts by disabled community to sustain in the society. He also intended to organize more such events with the help of MID in future. He assured his complete support to the disabled persons. He was also presented with a shield as a token of love by MID.
Mr. Shakeel Gondal (General Secretory Lahore Bar) showed his full support to MID and disabled persons and offered free legal assistance to disabled persons from Lahore Bar.
After that the refreshments were served and White Canes were distributed to the blind persons. After that the finishing note was delivered by Mrs. Sadia Atif. She thanked all the designated guests, students from different institutions, Corporate sector dignitaries, General public and Disabled persons for becoming part of this program and making it a memorable event. She thanked all the donors who made this event a reality. She especially thanked Rotary Club Faialabad, Coca Cola, Shezan Foods and other friends who should their confidence on MID Team and provided financial assistance to organize this event. Moreover she said that disabled children are encouraged to study at special schools rather than at normal schools, after they finish school, they are suddenly expected to live in society with non-disabled people without special consideration once they become adults. So why don’t we all come and join in lending a hand in eliminating exclusion from the scratch and encourage inclusion and mainstreaming.
The program Ended on a positive note that such events should be organized in future to show and to aware public with the talents of Disabled persons.

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