Meeting of Women With Disabilities Wing of MID

Women with disabilities comprise 10% of all women worldwide.
Discrimination against people with disabilities hinders economic development, limits democracy, burdens families and erodes societies. Approximately 300 million women and girls around the world with an intellectual, mental, sensory and/or physical disability are likely to face double discrimination based upon gender and their disability. Inadvertent barriers and discriminatory practices often limit their participation in development programs. 
MID encourages participation by women with disabilities in all programming.
For women with physical disabilities, MID endeavors to hold trainings and public events at venues that have ramps and disability-accessible bathrooms, versus venues on a second floor only reachable by stairs. Separate programs that specifically target women with disabilities are at times indicated but MID’s priority is to mainstream women with disabilities into all general programs and activities. 
Integrating women with disabilities into general programming does not always require additional funds. Most modifications to ensure inclusion can be implemented without additional costs. 
Ms.Sadia Butt General Secretary MID has took an initiative bringing all the women with disability of Pakistan under one roof of MID for their prosperity and discussing their rights and creating awareness and making them independent.
Changing the social dynamics of Pakistani society regarding treating disabled people focusing female with disability Ms. Sadia Butt said “the need of the hour for women with disability in Pakistan is to stay united and committed towards their participation along with men on equality basses for making our society barrier free and make their country Pakistan disable friendly”.
The gathering was consist of 15 dynamic female disables who has took the responsibility to raise the voice with practical implementation and to further multiply this group to achieve the ultimate goal to make Pakistan a barrier free society a comfortable place to live for Women with disability.
Following are the main points that were discussed and endorsed in the meeting

  • Capacity building of women with disabilities from the grass root level ensuring leadership from the core  required to make them self dependant
  • All the women with disability need to get united and committed towards their cause.
  • Every woman with disability must know her rights and should know how to use them.
  • Advocacy



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