About Us

We, the disabled persons of Pakistan face many barriers and hurdles in our life. These barriers start right from our own home where our own life is in control of our parents, they decide all the basic chores of our life. When we want education the society becomes the barrier and tries to judge our potential and capability from our physical conditions and stamp us with discrimination that we don’t have Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Legs or Mental condition to study. In practical life we face the same scenario and are welcomed by barriers in the form of Stairs, Braille block less street and no transportation in Bus and Railways. MID is initiated by the disabled persons to achieve the deserving status in the society. The disabled persons of Pakistan are Bestowed by Allah Almighty with every talent and skill necessary to live a successful life but still most of them are unable to avail these opportunities specially the severe disabled are facing the worst scenario. The need of the hour was to provide the disabled persons with the platform from which they can initiate a movement to earn their status equal to all the non disabled counter-parts and thus Movement of Independence for Disabled (MID) was initiated.

The purpose is not only to provide disabled persons with the necessary equipments like Wheelchairs and White Canes etc but to also provide them with necessary training to not only move with these equipments freely but also helping them to cope with the hurdles that they face psychologically by the society and to raise voice by themselves to aware the society with the problems and to highlight concerned hurdles in the society to make themselves Independent and useful citizens of the country.


  • To start a movement for the well being of the disabled persons of Pakistan.
  • To provide them with the helping equipments like Wheelchair, White cane, hearing Aid etc.
  • To provide them with a platform to raise their voice so that they can literate the general public with their disabilities.
  • To struggle for free education facilities in educational/vocational institutes in government and private sectors in the country as well as abroad.
  • To aware the special persons of the employment opportunities conferred by government/private sectors considering to their skill & suitability.
  • To accelerate the special person sheepishly hidden in corners, to come out and be a useful member of the society.
  • To facilitate the special persons to take part in different games in the city, country and abroad and arranging tournaments accordingly.
  • To facilitate the disabled persons to groom their skills in the relevant field of their choice.
  • To literate the disabled persons with computer so that they can grow along with the society.
  • To encourage the special person to take part in the society as a normal person.
  • To find suitable economic activities for those special persons who have nothing to do for themselves.
  • To project the useful potential of the special person through media.
  • To motivate the parents for coordination in making their children a useful person of the society.
  • To strive for implementation of existing rules & regulations for special person through Government i.e. relaxation in public transport fare as well as in Railways and Airlines.
  • To make free entrance in the public places.
  • To get free medical treatment within the country & abroad.
  • To given them honorable role as the other persons assume so they may became a respectable person of society.
  • To create coordination among other persons of different spheres of life.
  • To work with the government to make the institutions for the disabled more progressive, effective and sufficient.
  • To provide the severe disabled persons with equal opportunities to grow in the society.
  • To promote the inclusive education for all.
  • To make barrier free society for special persons.